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Getting ready/my friends doubts

March 4, 2010

A number of people have expressed doubts about the upcoming ride.  These can be divided into two camps: 1) Am I physically able to do it because of the Parkinson’s and 2) The danger of “lions and tigers and bears.” 

I’ll start with that last one: Just forget it.  If you’re worried about that, you’ve spent way too much time in the city!  Just ain’t (sic) gonna happen.  Most wildlife is scared of human contact.  What attracts bears is food, and when I camp, the food is going to be up in a tree in a “bear proof” container.  Hopefully I’ll be in a camp ground. A more realistic worry is being hit by some jerk driving a semi.  That’s what I worry about.  And that’s just part of the risk you have to deal with.  I’ve ridden all the way across the U.S., alone, and by now I can handle it.

Ok, the PD has affected me in a number of ways: I tremble uncontrollably at times.  I’m stiff.  My left hand doesn’t work that well.  And my balance has suffered.

Usually the trembling and stiffness is when my meds aren’t working e.g. it’s morning and I haven’t taken them all night.  So dealing with that is as simple as taking a pill.  The act of riding helps too; when I’m on a bike I don’t have to take my meds as frequently.  The left hand thing is a little troublesome.  But as long as I can change a flat it’s tolerable.  And I can still change a flat.  Yes my balance is not as good as it once was.  But it’s good enough.  If I can ride well enough to work out I can ride well enough to pull this off.

Enough said. 


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