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The ride is only a metaphor…

March 29, 2010

of life.  Life is tough and the ride will be too.

This blog is not really about the ride.  It’s about PD.  It’s purpose is to open up my world to you.  To give you a pair of X-ray glasses, so you, the reader, can see what others can not.  To let you know the humiliating and humbling reality of PD.  To give you a reason to contribute your time and money to defeat the bitch known as PD.

So this is a true story:

Last week a friend and I went out to dinner.  When we went to leave, I asked her to wait while I used the men’s room; I had to pee.  I went in, I was the only one there.  I stood at the urinal and tried to unzipp my pants. 

I froze.

I tried again.  I could not get my hands to work.  I could move them a little, but not enough to unzipp my pants.  I could not grasp the zipper.  I tried and tried.  By now, I was starting to dribble pee.  I tried harder to move my hands.  Nothing.  I tried to stop peeing.  No luck.

I stood there and peed my pants.   F^#k!  Nothing I could do.

I finally stopped peeing and went outside.  My friend was waiting.  “What’s wrong?”

“I peed myself.  Let’s go.”

That, my friends, is the reality of PD.  It ain’t the trembling that upsets me.  It’s loosing control of my body.


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