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I’m not complaining, but…

April 22, 2010

I’ve just been exhausted, physically and mentally so I haven’t blogged for a while.  Finally I’m bouncing back. 

As an example, my regular workout is an 18.6 mile course.  The first three miles are down hill.  Then a five mile series of up/down hills.  Then a challenging one  mile climb.  The rest of the way is up and down.  Last year I could average 16 mph.  This year my averages have been in the twelves.  Granted, some of those rides were against strong headwinds, but I was still disapointed.

Just no energy.

Tuesday night I chopped ten minutes off my time and averaged 13.5 mph.

Last night I chopped ten miutes off that time and averaged 15.3 mph.

I feel like I’m back in the game.  I’m so happy, I could pee my pants.  (Long time readers should understand that.)


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  1. sdh permalink

    Sorry to hear you’ve been down and glad you are doing better. Saw this story in today’s Columbus Dispatch and thought of you – it’s definitely worth a read:

  2. Arysa permalink

    We all use sarcasm in one way or other. Difference is I called it self -effacing humor or poke fun at yourself. Thing is : I like Doug and do NOT like Doug criticize Doug . Is like driving without compass or map. Stop it !!.

    True I still do not approval or support your Alaska bike trip . for many reasons .

    This doesn’t mean that you have to be soft like a smash poop !!!. .Remember you CAN DO IT ! No matter what most people think; including ME.

    People reading your post but may not respond or leave comment because they may feel sorry for you . All you do in your log is nag “hoe”Parkinson make your life difficult. Start writing what this shiety disease help you to become and achieve. Be more realistic, positive and self confident. (deep inside you may feel you NOT that’s your problem deal with it ) do not let other to see it ) People with Parkinson may read your post and do you think they like if you so low self confident . They don’t .

    How this make them feel if you saying all negative things.

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