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It’s a gift.

May 28, 2010

With just a little more than a month to go, I’m in the panic mode.   So Wednesday night I was out riding.  Riding and thinking.  I was thinking how Parkinson’s has eroded my competitive spirit, how I just didn’t give a damn about so many things.    About how if, at that moment, some guy passed me I’d just let him.  And I plodded on.

Riding has always made me feel better (can you say “endorphins”?) and this ride proved to be no exception.  I started up Berkshire Road, a.k.a “the hill”.  (Berkshire is longer than I originally thought: two miles not one.)  As I rounded a corner I saw another rider about 700 feet ahead of me.  I charged after him.

It wasn’t much of a race: my speed (about 7 mph at that point) was probably double his.  But it was fun.

At the top, I started up Gates Mills Blvd.  A half mile ahead I saw another rider; I could see panniers.  Someone was touring.  I caught up with her, she and her husband had left Buffalo Sunday morning.  We talked a little and then I was off.

Two days latter I was talking to a friend about all this: PD and riding.  I told him that I looked at PD as a gift.  “Why the hell would you think that?” he asked.

“Of course I hate having PD.  But I can be an example to others, and show them what you can do despite having PD.  So it’s a gift.”

“You should put that in your blog.” he said.

Now it is.


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