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Setting some personal records

June 11, 2010

Started out last night on my work-out.  I live on Jackson.  As soon as I started riding I thought “I’m gonna set some records tonight!”  My all time record for riding from my house to the end of my street (three miles) is an average speed of 22.2 mph.  Usually, it’s around 18-19 mph; that includes crossing two (blind) intersections.  To average 22.2, you must just run those intersections, with only the smallest regard to your own safety.  After the second crossing, there is a steep (greater than 10%!!) grade, with some nice S turns.  You have to take those at 40 mph+.  Jackson ends at River Road; it ends with a steep hill and turn at River.  It’s just freaking dangerous.  I love it.  You approach that end at 40 mph, slam on the brakes, and pray there are no cars.  Most of the time  there are none.  I doubt that I’ll ever do 22.2 mph again, but it’s fun trying. 

But last night I averaged 20.1 mph, one of my highest averages in two years.

Jackson to Cedar is about five miles; there are seven or eight small hills.  Only two are challenging.  They always drag down your average speed.  The first one is relatively short and lots of times I try to sprint up it.  The second is maybe a half mile long, it can wind you.  Cedar is just after this.

When I got to Cedar my average was about 17 mph and I was dead tired.  That’s bad.  Cedar is a 10% grade and VERY challenging.  I considered another, easier route.

No.  I was attacking Cedar.

Cedar has three halves (joke!)  The first half is the 10% grade.  Then it “levels” off to maybe 5%, lasting 700 feet or so.  The third half picks up again.  It’s probably around 8% and about 1,500 feet long.

I rode the first 500 feet or so in second gear, but then had to drop it to first.  I hate first: it’s do or die.  But I had to drop it down.  I huffed and puffed up to the level part (second half), my legs like rubber.  I shifted to second gear.  I kept it in second to the top.  What a killer!  My respirations had to be 60+; spit flying out of my mouth with every breath.

The top ain’t (sic) really the top, it just levels off to a fairly gentle grade; there are even short dips you can catch your breath on.  The real top is still another mile, with a visible climb.  But that’s pretty easy.

At the first top my average was 14.8 mph.  At the real top it was 14.6 mph.

From there to home is fairly unremarkable, there is a nice downhill run where you easily hit 30 mph.  Then a  few climbs and that’s it.  The Cedar hill circuit is 16+ miles, I averaged 14.8 mph.  A season record for that run; I was pleased as punch.


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  1. Joy Bahniuk permalink

    Congrats! Just reading made me exhausted!

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