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Five days and counting

July 1, 2010

The question people keep asking is “Am I ready?” 

My bags are packed, the bike is checked out and I’m in good shape.

Yes, I’m nervous.  Apprehensive is a better word.  It’s like skydiving; you wonder what the outcome will be.  Usually the jump goes fine and you have a great time.  You’re glad you did it.  But every once in a while something goes wrong; you’re hurt.  I guess even then I’m glad I jumped.

The guy who taught me how to jump was Bobby.  One of my favorite memories is standing on the airplanes’ step and looking at Bob as he flew the plane.  He’d have this big grin on his face.  I’d jump and watch that big grin, watch as the airplane flew away.  Sometimes he’d wiggle the wings.  It was always fun.

You shouldn’t be afraid of living life to its fullest.  I’m jumping on Wednesday.  (That’s a metaphor.)


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  1. Clayton G permalink

    We can either jump, or sit on the couch.

    Each day we wake up, and have the opportunity to choose our attitude.

    Taking your picture that day and meeting you on top of Loveland Pass was amazing.., and later completing your transcontinental – proves to me that you are already successful.

    Once you clip in and roll out in 5 days on mile 1, you are already successful. You’re showing us all what is possible.

    Go Doug!

    • Clayton: One moment that I will always rember is that last 1,000 feet or so to the top of Loveland. I really thought I couldn’t do it. When I heard you guys cheering me on, I redoubled my efforts. And started crying. Thanks, Doug

  2. Joyce permalink

    I’m excited for you Doug. Just sorry we don’t have a place along your way for you to spend the night……Those are good memories for us. Thanks …..we will keep you and your family in prayer. Looking forward to hearing your stories…
    Blessings, smiles, love and prayers….Alden and Joyce

  3. kate permalink

    Way to go Doug,
    We’ll be thinking about you.Good luck and keep your pedal to the metal.
    We hope to raise a good amount for you at the Cain park Arts festival.
    Happy trials to you… Kate harrison

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