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Victory is Mine!

July 14, 2010

  I’m safe in Fairbanks!  I made it here last night!   VICTORY IS MINE!


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  1. Mark the victory as one of persevering against our common enemy! Great work. Let this be a battle that encourages others to fight their battles. May the battles won by you and others lead soon to winning the war and defeating Parkinson’s for all time.


  2. Joyce permalink

    Doug…I’m so happy for you….I knew you had all those pedals in you! Prayers ae answered….thanks for sharing your courage……will keep praying for a cure.
    Blessings, smiles, love and prayers…J/A

  3. sarah permalink

    We so exhilarating for your victory .Something for you
    Back atcha!…

    “Arms, hands, bars, knees
    Spinning blur, fast trees
    Heart bangs, tires sing
    Wind roars, gears ching
    Climbing grade, sweat drips
    Heavy legs, a couple sips
    Breathing deeper, suck the air
    Crest a hill, pedals tear
    Feel no pain, feel no burn
    Still time to go another turn
    Mind is clear, thighs are tight
    Rolling speed, wheeled flight
    by Zeeko.Jr

  4. Joy Bahniuk permalink

    This is amazing! Major congrats!

  5. John Doughtry permalink

    Excellent! Congrats!

  6. Chris H. permalink

    Who was it that said the joy is in the journey not the destination? I’ll tell you who. Someone that didn’t cycle across the hilly terrain between Anchorage and Fairbanks!!!

    Congrats on yet another awesome achievement!

  7. Tom Culver permalink


    I’ve been reading your posts to Don every evening and he just shook his head and muttered: ‘Quite a guy!’

    Congratulations on a ride well rode!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sandy permalink

    Congrats! Glad you’re safe.

  9. Amy Boger permalink

    Congratulations! Inspirational to us all.

  10. Maria Panlilio permalink

    Great to know you’ve made it triumphantly and safely to the finish line. Congratulations, Doug.

  11. gary permalink

    Great job, doug, that is amazing that you have made it.
    Sorry to say that I wasn’t following you all the way.
    This is a true test of perseverance and courage. I could never do this.

  12. Sally Terrell permalink

    Doug, you are amazing and a real inspiration. Glad to be riding with a pro next week! Congratulations!!

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