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Miscellaneous Thoughts

July 26, 2010

Before I left, I asked a long-time (25+ years) acquaintance for a donation.  The guy is a multimillionaire.  He hemmed and hauled, finally saying: “It’s tax-deductible right?”  

“Yep, a 100%.”  I replied.

“Ok!  Put me down for $25!”

In Wasilla, I stopped at a diner for breakfast, and struck up a conversation with an elderly (95 years old) man and his wife.  He pulled out his wallet, saying: “Here’s $20.  It’s a good cause!”  (Thanks Joe!)

What a dichotomy!

Had one close call on the ride.  The first morning, on Highway1, I came to a place where the shoulder was covered with thick sand.  First the front wheel started wobbling and skidding.  Then the rear,at the same time as the front.  I started falling toward the busy roadway.  Somehow, I managed to muscle my way out of it, but what a close call!

On the second day, I stopped at Trapper Creek.  The grill girl told me it was 95 miles to the next stop.  I bought a bottle of water and two small cans of ravioli.   Thirty miles later I came to a rest-area.  A worker told me there was a camp area at mile 162 (80 miles from the mornings starting point.)  I got to 162 and found nothing.  It was hot and I was tired.  A large (thirty foot?) RV was stopped there.  I rode over and asked the people if I could sit in the shade.  They responded in French, then English.  Two retired couples touring the US from Quebec.  They gave me a beer, and showed me a map.  The rest area was another 20 miles.  I was half dead, and hoping they were wrong, and the guy right.
I made it another 10 miles and could go no further.  I wolfed down the cold ravioli, put up the tent, and fell asleep.  It was 7:30 p.m.  That night it rained.
When I got back from Alaska, I checked a detailed map.  There was a camp ground at 162, the RV had blocked its view.

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