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Prudhoe Bay – Here I Come!

November 2, 2010

After a lot of thought I’ve decided to ride from Prudhoe Bay down to Anchorage. 


Because it is one of the toughest rides I can imagine, at least the first 400 miles or so.  After 400 miles the road is paved.  Still no people, but asphalt is so much easier to ride on than gravel!  The biggest problem will be food and water.  There’s just not much between PB and Fairbanks.  Just the town of Coldfoot, population 28.  So I’ll have to pack most of my supplies.  I’m actually thinking of using front panniers, which I loathe.  But using them is better than starving to death.

To do it in a week, I’ll have to average 72 miles a day.  That will be tough.

I’m planning to do it in July.

Stay tuned for details!


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  1. joyce permalink

    So glad you said you are doing this in July….I wasn’t sure when I strted reading about your plans…..You go guy and keep inspiring us sedentary folks!!! Sorry I can’t offer you a place to stay in the north woods. Keep us posted..J

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