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I’m just a guy who likes to ride his bike

November 5, 2010

Oh! This is going to date me!

The Moody Blues sang a song: I’m just a singer in a rock and roll band.  Rumor was they wrote it because people started to idolize them.  I’m not quite there yet, but I’ve been amazed at the encouragement and admiration so many people have expressed over my feats.

Bike riding sets me free.  Not much to think about other than the car or truck with your name on it, or that piece of glass waiting in ambush on the road.  I’ve enjoyed riding my whole life.  I love the idea that i can hop on my bike and ride it anywhere.  Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, Boston.  Anywhere my little heart desires.

And it makes me feel better too!  The PD doesn’t rule me with such strength; I feel younger.  I lose weight.  (Yes, I always worry about my weight!)

Someone just sent me an email saying I was an inspiration to people everywhere with chronic diseases.  I’ve never thought of  myself being inspiring, but if I am, great.

Ya know, when you see a steep hill up ahead, you just gotta beat it in your own head.  You can’t ever say “I can’t do this.”  If you think that, you can’t.  You just have to push those pedals down, one at a time.  If you have to stop and take a breather, that’s ok.  But beat that hill!  Make it your enemy!  Tell yourself  “just ten more feet!”  When you ride those ten feet, do it again!  Do it until you’re at the top!

If you need me to inspire you, let me know.  I’ll do my best to help you.  (Maybe I shouldn’t say that on the world wide web, but how many people are going to read this anyway?)

I’m always good for one more ride.


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