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Never Give Up

November 7, 2010

True story.

In 1976  I was about to graduate from BGSU and had to figure out what I was going to do with my life.  I came up with two ideas: Grad school or the army.  I applied to grad school and joined ROTC.  To join ROTC I had to complete basic training.  So I   rode my bike down to Fort Knox, Kentucky from Cleveland.

You knew I’d work bicycles into this.

I liked basic.  You got to shoot machine guns, jump from towers and do other fun stuff.

I joined a volley ball team.  Toward the end of basic, there was a big tournament. 

The team captain didn’t like me very much, and I don’t blame him.  I had been to only one or two practice sessions.  So during the tournament, he refused to play me.  It was best three out of five, and we lost the first round 15-4.  We lost the second 15-3.  I beg him to put me in, but he refused.  The third match started and we were soon down 13 to 2.

” Please play me.” I begged again.

“Alright!  I don’t see what harm it would do!”

I raced in.  I played like a mad man.  I dove for balls, I spiked balls, I jumped for balls, I pushed other guys out of my way for balls.  My serves were bolts of lightning.  I was a whirling dervish.  Nothing was going to stop me.

We won 13-15.  He kept me in.  We won the next two games, and all the others we played.  They gave me the winning trophy.

Never give-up.


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  1. joyce permalink

    You are so right….as long as you have a 1/2 oz. of energy, you can keep going….And you just keep on goin’, which in turn keeps people like me “on going’…..Thanks for the inspiration….J

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