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December 23, 2010

I’m using “The Milepost” Alaska Travel Planner to plan my trip.  Note that I don’t call it a vacation.  Milepost gives a detailed summary traveling northbound, I’ll be going southbound (Deadhorse to Anchorage) so the grades are reversed, i.e. decents are uphill for me.  I thought some of these quotes make interesting reading:

After mile 35, don’t expect cell phone service until just outside of Deadhorse.

D412.3: Steep uphill.  D404.7: Steep downhill.  D361: Steep downhill.  Yukon River: Beware of wolves.  D339.2: Steep decent, the “Roller Coaster”.   D3415.8: Steep decent, for 1.7 miles.  D304.2: 9% decent.  D293.3: 9% decent D281.9: Begin long steep decent.  D  273.9: Caution, Bears.  D239.1: Coldfoot, population 13, next services 244 miles.  D178.6 10% Uphill grade, give trucks plenty of room.  Do not stop on road.  D171.8: Begin 12% uphill grade.  Avalanche area.  D155.4: Caution, Grizzly bears.  D119: Caution, caribou.  D115.8: watch for dall sheep.  D87: Grizzly Bears.  D10.5: caribou D0.4: Deadhorse, population 25.

So it should make for a scenic ride.


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