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You’re terrified?!

December 30, 2010

A friend wrote after my last post that my ride terrified her.  Hey, she’s staying back, just reading.  I’m the one pushing the pedals!  Another friend said this trip has the same end as jumping out of an airplane without a parachute, it will just take longer.  Such encouragement!

Yep, I’m scarred too!  It is just so desolate.  Last years ride wasn’t a cake walk, but this one will just be brutal.  The part that bothers me most is the water supply.  I’ll have to get it from ponds and streams.  When riding I usually go through a water bottle ever 20 miles.  200 miles between towns means 10 bottles.  Too much to carry.  I can do five.

Food shouldn’t be too bad of a problem, I’m going to call the people in Coldfoot, and ask if I can send them some freeze-dried meals to hold for me.

Flat tires could be a problem: The Milepost recommends bringing two (2) mounted spares for the trip.  Car tires are much tougher than bike tires.  The road is supposed to be pretty bad in places.

Wolves and bears.  I’m just not going to worry; nothing I can do.  Don’t plan on bringing a gun. At least not now.


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  1. Joyce Shipp permalink

    Doug, I was more “terrified” when you came to Q to Sky Dive and Terri was home pregant with Jimmie….I didn’t want to have to call her….Sometimes the desires of our heart call us to do the seeminly impossible, but I have confidence…..Afterall, A and I were with you in the gondola when you parachuted from the balloon. And then we sent you on your way to St Louis from the middle of Kansan over some twisty hilly roads. Believe me I will lighting lots of candles for you and praying that the arch angels surround you and your bike protecting you from all adversity. Also I am currently praying for your discerrment in making this decision to go. You are a very special person on a very special mission and I know you sill be blessed.

    Love ya’ much
    Joyce and Alden

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