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Not a repeat

March 9, 2011

Last years ride, Anchorage to Fairbanks, was about 380 miles.  Nothing to sneeze at, but it doesn’t begin to compare with what I am trying to pull off this year.  First there is the distance: close to 900 miles.  But distance, by itself, is no big thing.  My ride across Oregon was longer, about 920 miles.  Boise to Denver was 900 plus.  Denver to St. Louis: 900 plus.  So distance just takes time.

The first thing that pumps up the toughness factor on this ride is the distance between rest areas.  On last years ride, the furthest distance I had to go before I came to some sort of camp ground or rest area was about 60 miles.  I’ve got to admit, those 60 miles were exhausting.  (See previous blog entries.) On this ride it looks like it could be 200 miles.  That’s a far poke.  Food and water become critical issues.

The second thing pumping up this ride is the road surface.  It’s “gravel”.  I’ve talked with the people in Coldfoot, and they call it “rocks”.   I’ve looked for road pictures, and most show a surface heavily cratered with potholes; that’s going to slow  me down.

So with this in mind, I’m planning on 50 miles a day; perhaps I can bump the average up when I reach the paved road.

Long story short: this is going to be tough.  Last year wasn’t easy but I’ll probably look back at it as a  cake-walk by comparison.


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