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Beer and Ice Cream

May 25, 2011

Last weekend I went on my longest ride to date for this year: 47 miles to Akron and back.  Nothing to brag about all things considered  Relatively flat, and the weather was cool and wet.  I rode with a friend, Alissa.  We took the “Tow Path” which follows the old Ohio canal.  The Tow Path is a (fine) gravel trail.  It goes all the way from Cleveland down to New Philadelphia.  The ride down was relatively uneventful.  We averaged 12.5 mph; not bad for a trail.  The last mile is a fun 5% uphill climb.  Well, fun for me.  Alissa didn’t see it that way.

I like hills.  They define a ride; adding character to it.  Sometimes while touring I grow tired of hills and find myself praying for flat land…When my prayers are answered I always regret it after just a few miles.  I just get bored.  I remember one stretch across Missouri.  It was a little after I took the picture of Randy (see previous posts.)   The road started following an old river bed and was fairly flat.  It dragged on for miles.  Finally there was a substantial hill.  I eagerly attacked it.

The temperature was 95 degrees and the humidity hovered at about 95 %. Soon I was back wishing for flat land. Man is never happy!

Back to the Tow Path: On the way back we stopped at a tavern. The air-conditioning was pure bliss! Alissa ordered a black bean sandwich. I studied the menu. “I’ll have the hot-fudge sundae and a draft beer.” I said.

Alisa looked at me. “You can’t have that! It doesn’t go together!” she said.

“Maybe not, but it’s what I want.” was my reply.

I think I enjoyed my beer and sundae more than she enjoyed her sandwich.


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  1. swiel permalink

    ” When all those things happen, I remind myself to feel pride, to enjoy the beauty, to enjoy the rain. I tell myself that I’m a tough SOB and I challenge the Gods to bring it on. I mean what’s the worst that can happen? I sleep in a mud puddle? Been there, done it. I die? I’ve come to terms with my mortality and would rather go down fighting than in a hospice bed.” – your words- remember this every time you ride – we belive at you YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN “

  2. Alissa permalink

    Health Nut! They don’t go with exercising.

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