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Three Hours

May 31, 2011

That’s as long as I can go without taking a pill.  It drives me nuts, because I never remember to take a pill until  it’s too late.  That’s when the one I last took  is wearing off.  I get stiff; moving  just becomes difficult.  I begin to lose my balance; of course it’s not too good to start with.  I become weak; the slightest effort tires me.  My words get jumbled; it becomes difficult to express myself.  I can’t move my left arm and my left foot starts to drag.   I limp around like I’m a Frankenstein monster.

Three hours.  It goes by in a flash.  One moment I’m feeling fine, the next I’m wondering what’s going on.

“Oh yeah, I’ve got to take my pill.  I should have taken it an hour ago.”

And then it takes 45 minutes for the pill to kick in.

I’m not complaining.  A good friend has leukemia.  Now that’s someone with something to complain about.  But they never do.

So I try to remember to take my pills on time and think I really don’t have it so bad.

And I hope my friend gets better.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Doug SET the alarm on your watch or your cell!!!!!! It’s just that sinple.
    when you hear the bell you take the pill. If your watch doesn’t have an alarm, BUY one with an alarm and set the alarm and Wear it…..Love ya’ Doug and am pullin’ for you to do all the things you want to do….now go on and take thoses pills on time……

    Blessings and smiles,


  2. ED BAHNIUK permalink

    Doug, this is your uncle talking, i have a similar problem with pill taking, I set the alarm on my phone , It rings until I shut it off. I seldom miss taking a pill on time anymore.
    Send me an email to continue to stay in touch.

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