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My Secret

June 7, 2011

Tonight was like any other night: got home, was a little tired, and I really didn’t feeling like riding.  I had a lot of excuses.  I went to spinning on Friday, rode 60 miles over the weekend, I deserved a break. It was a little after 8:00 p.m. and would be dark soon.

But I had two nagging problems.  1) It was a beautiful evening.  2) July 17, 2011 is coming at me like a freight train, and it ain’t (sic) stopping.  So I got on the bike and rode.  I was going to take it easy.  Just enjoy the evening, feel the wind against my skin, ride my shortest route (eleven miles) taking Woodland up out of the valley.

I got to the bottom of Jackson and didn’t even note my average speed.  I guess it was about 16, maybe 17 mph.  Just cruising.  But I got to Woodland, and thought I’d go just a tad further and take Shaker up and out.  And then I was at Shaker and thought “Well I got nothing better to do, I’ll take my regular route and go up Berkshire.”  But I was still taking it easy.  No racing, not for me.

In fact, at the Berkshire’s bottom, I never noted my speed.

And I started climbing.

And then it started, I started. Oh God, the cranking started.  “I’m not gonna slow down.” started.  Heavy breathing started.  “Harder, harder, harder. FASTER, damn it FASTER!” started.  “No, no, no, never slow down!” started.

It’s the endorphins.  I know it is.  They are my favorite drug.  I’m addicted to them.  They are my secret.

At Berkshire’s top, I checked my average speed.  14.7 mph.  It would be tough to just tie the other evenings average of 15.3.  But maybe- there was no wind, maybe…

I won’t bore you (I hope I never do!!) with the story, but when I got home my average was 15.4 mph.  Just gotta love them endorphins.


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  1. Tom Culver permalink

    June 6th, my friend, unless you wrote this after midnight. It WAS a beautiful night. I put some planks on some sawhorses and lay out in the dusk, watching the bats. Average speed? 0 mph!


  2. It was after midnight, Mr. Smartypants.

  3. sarah permalink

    push for 16.3 mph average

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