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Shameless Plug for Cain Park Bicycle

June 12, 2011

Four (five?) years ago I was on a 100 mile training ride.  I had ridden nine miles from home, it was drizzling, and I was on a downhill, headed south.  A pick-up truck approached me headed north.  When he was 200 feet away he swerved and came straight at me.  I actually went off the road trying to avoid him but he homed in on me like a lion after a gazelle.   Wham!  Wreaked the bike and broke my hip.

A bicycle shop across the street, Hi Tech Cycles, sold me a replacement bike and two months after the accident I made the ride without incident.  Hi Tech Cycles eventually closed and was reborn, complete with new owner, as Cain Park Bicyles.  Cain Park Bicycles is a neat shop.  They are friendly, helpful, ridiculously inexpensive and knowledgable.

I could not make this ride without their help.

Gary, the owner, is (virtually) custom building a bike for me.  He tried to get a manufacturer to donate a bike but they declined to help.  No, it’s not one of those listed below.  So Gary took his personal bike and is outfitting it for the ride.  The frame is a Specialized Expedition; a steel design made for touring. It has “Campy” hubs, Mavic rims, 36 mm tires, heavy-duty rack and panniers, center pull brakes and a Brooks saddle.  He’s adding a handle bar bag and fenders too.  He is providing me with spare small parts too.

Everyone there has patiently put up with my daily inquiries and made suggestions for equipping the bike, giving me unparalleled customer service.

Cain Park Bicycle is a small shop with some very high quality bikes including Bianchi, Biria, and Miele.  They have outstanding service.  If you are in the Cleveland Heights Area, give them a call at (216) 320-0209.

P.S.  They don’t know I wrote this for them.  It’s a surprise you are welcome to spoil!


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    gary is one of a kind . loves the outdoors, bicycles and pleasing the many customers he serves…his staff is willing to go the extra mile, lube, and service as a result of such a fine owner….shout out to CAIN PARK BICYCLE 🙂

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