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Plan B

June 30, 2011

Ok, now I’m excited.

The DPF called me today.  About a month ago they invited me to their “Copper Triangle” event.  Long story short: It didn’t work out.  I went ahead booked my flights, made hotel reservations, yada, yada.  But now they called and asked if there was any way to make it.  Copper Triangle is August 5, and I love a challenge.  Like riding 900 miles solo across the Alaskan wilderness isn’t a challenge.

So here’s the plan:

July 17 – Arrive Fairbanks

July 18 – Gather supplies

July 19 – Take shuttle to Deadhorse

July 20 – Prepare for ride.   Still in Deadhorse.

July 21 – Leave Deadhorse ride 90 miles

July 22 – Ride 80 miles

July 23 – Ride 80 mile arrive in Coldfoot

July 24 – Ride 90 miles (All Pavement)

July 25 – Ride 80 miles

July 26 – Ride 80 miles arrive in Fairbanks

July 27 – Ride 50 miles arrive in Nenana

July 28 – Ride 50 mile arrive in Healy

July 29 – Ride 50 miles arrive in Cantwell

July 30 – Ride 50 miles (Camp out)

July 31 – Ride 40 miles arrive Trapper Creek

August 1 – Ride 70 miles arrive Wasilla

August 2 – Arrive in Anchorage

August 3 – Fly out of Anchorage to Colorado

August 4 – Recuperate

August 5- recuperate

August 6- Copper Triangle Race

I’ll have a day or so that I can enove from Colorado and add to Alaska if I have to.  Maybe I’ll fly out of Anchorage on the 4th.

I don’t know if I can pull this off, but this should be fun!


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One Comment
  1. Anonymous permalink

    What an ambitious schedule. I left Fairbanks, AK, on Monday, 6/27/11, so I’m sorry we couldn’t connect with each other in AK. However, as part of my motorcycle ride, I will join the Copper Triangle. So I am looking forward to meeting you there. I am now in Fort Nelson, BC, for 6 days awaiting a new front tire. You will be bicycling through some beautiful country.
    Good Luck with your ride,
    Steve Quam

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