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Update (alternate: Hurrah Cain Park Cycle!!)

July 7, 2011

I bought a similar bike to the one that was stolen.  Gary, owner of Cain Park Cycle, found it on Craig’s List.  It was $600.  I gave him the money, told him to look at it and buy it if he thought it was worth it.  An hour later he was back with it; quite excited.   The frame is small for me, the rims not as good, the seat not as good, the pedals not as good, but it will do.  Gary and his team are doing a great job of overhauling it, and bring it up to speed. 

These guys are my heroes!  Without them there would be no ride.  They have saved it.  I will miss the Brooks seat mine had.  It takes a lot of miles to break in a Brooks, and mine had just got there.  Oh well.

Nick, from Cain Park, says I took the whole (theft) incident “As calm as a Hindu cow.”  Perhaps so, but I’m still upset by it.

Less than two weeks to go and I’ve many doubts about my ability to hold the schedule I’ve set.  It is ambitious.  If I was in better shape I’d be more confident.  If the road were in better shape, I’d be more confident.  If it wasn’t so far between towns, I’d be more confident.  If I done it before and knew the road, I’d be more confident.  If I wasn’t going to be so isolated, I’d be more confident.  But none of these things are true.

You, reader, can help.   Please tell your friends about the blog and what I’m doing.  I get discouraged when I see so few hits on the blog.  Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for every one of  them.  But for my goal to be reached, I need more readers.  Lots of readers!

Thanks again, Doug.


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