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OK, I’m not above bragging

July 8, 2011

If you don’t get this, you haven’t been following along.  Please see earlier posts.

Worked out tonight.  Bottom of Jackson, average: 17.3 mph

Got to Gates Mills, average: 17.3 mph (just barely!)

Bottom of Old Mill: 17.2 mph.  As I rounded the last corner going up the hill, I was doing 8 mph.  There was a guy at the top, getting his mail.  He stopped and watched me.  I kept cranking it.   I was breathing so hard it felt like I would exhale a lung.  But I felt so strong!   It was only pain, I didn’t give a damn! I looked at my arms, the muscles and veins outlined in sweat.  I loved it.  As I approached him he started to clap and cheer me on: “Go!, Go!, Go!”

Average at top: 15.9 mph.  I sensed the possibility of a record.  My lungs were screaming.

Just kept cranking as hard as I could.  Blew off any bicyclist in front of me.

Got home.  Average 16.5 mph.  New record.  Hardly felt winded, but I was.

That’s the way to do it!!!!!


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  1. Joy Bahniuk permalink

    I’m so proud of you!!

  2. Thanks, but I haven’t done anything yet!

  3. Alissa permalink

    You trained throughout the entire winter. You have ridden hundreds of miles this spring and summer in preparation. The preparation shows when you beat your record. You can’t say that you haven’t done anything yet.

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