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The sound of inevitability

July 11, 2011

One of my favorite movies is “The Matrix”.  I love the scene where Neal and a Smith fight in the train station.  Smith knocks Neal to the tracks, puts him in a headlock and holds him.  A train approaches! It blows its horn.  Smith says to Neo: “Do you hear that sound Mr. Anderson?  That is the sound of  inevitability!”

At the last second comes the reply: “MY…..NAME…… IS….. NEO!!”  And Neo pushes Smith off,  jumping to the safety of the train platform at the last second.

I hear the sound of  inevitability.   Everyday it grows closer.  And my bike is not ready.  I am not completely packed.  I have to check reservations.  Arrange to have the shuttle pick me up.  Make sure my supplies got to Coldfoot.  See if I can check  bear spray in my checked baggage.  Get NiMH batteries.  Get a memory card for the camera.  Get a bike box.  Test ride the new bike for at least a hundred miles or so.  Get more supplies, and so on and so forth.  I don’t know if I can do it all.

And donations are slow.  I feel as though I will never reach my goal!  Question to readers: Can you name my goal?

I rode about 55 miles last weekend.  Afterward, I was bushed.  I might bring some five-hour energy drinks.  That will help me to get Mr. Smith off my back!

Whooooooooooo!  Whooooooooo!


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