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Don’t get me wrong…

July 12, 2011

I was just taken to task by  a friend that said I didn’t realize how good I have it.

If I conveyed that, I am sorry.  I am thankful for everyone that has helped with their donations, their encouragement, their labor, their advice, their time and their physical labor.  So many people have helped me, and I am lucky to have them standing along side of me.

I am lucky I still have the strength to even think about pulling this off.  I am lucky that I have a job that allows me to take the time off to try to do it.  I am lucky to know a guy like Gary, from Cain Park Bicycle.  He  is a saint.  When the bike was stolen he just went to work on a replacement.  Never moaned, never complained.  Gary, thank you.

Pam, who would not give her last name, sent me $50 cash.  I put it in the DPF fund for her, in her name.  Here is a woman who has never met me, who trusted me with her hard-earned dollars.  There have been others: My High School class helped.  WCLV, a local radio station, helped.  I thank you all.  There have been many others.

Amy, from Massachusetts, helped me last year and again this year.  Amy, thank you.

My good friend Chris has stood by me like a brother.  He’d probably go on the ride if I asked him too.

My sister Joy has shown me a side I never knew she had.  She has helped me three years running.  Thank you Joy.

So if I sound unappreciative, I apologize.  Sometimes even I worry about things.  But I do realize how lucky I truly am, and I thank God for my good luck and all my supporters.


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