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Good news and bad news

July 15, 2011

First the good news: I have a bike!  Cain Park was able  to correct the problem, or perhaps I should say, identify the source.  Ok, maybe both.  On my practise rides I had one of the panniers loaded with more weight than the other.  That was the root cause of the unsteadiness.  The headset was also a tad loose, making things worse.  They worked on both bikes (I asked them to look at the bike I rode in previous rides as “plan B”) all morning.  About 2:00 p.m., Gary brought the Expedition over and asked me to check it out.  I rode it 12 miles and was able to hit 26 mph on a downhill portion. Nice and stable, no complaints.  It’s ready for the big ride.

Now for the bad news or as I like to put it: “What else could possibly go wrong?!”

The food and supplies I mailed via U.S. Postal service is MIA.  No one can tell me a thing about it, even though it was sent via Registered mail.  They just don’t know.  No wonder the country is going to hell in a handbasket.  The government can’t even keep track of a package!

I called the PO in Coldfoot and they knew I was looking for it, but they don’t know where it is.  Oh well, it’s not a show stopper.

Don’t know if I’ll post again before I leave.

Thank you for your support.  Doug


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  1. Joyce Shipp permalink

    Blessings and smiles all the way there and all the way back. Our prayers are with you. You’ll be fine….you’re much too skinny to be bear lunch……Much love ….Alden and Joyce

  2. Glad everything bike-related has worked out so far. Please be safe.

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