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Caribou, Musk-ox, Wolves & Foxes

July 26, 2011

Only 10.1, 9.9, 9.8, 9.7 miles to go………I counted down by tenths of a mile on my ride from Gold Creek.  I made it to Coldfoot last night at around 8:00 p.m.  It was a rough ride… rained all morning so riding thru mud was not the easiest.   After 25 miles when I got to Gold Creek, the road was paved.  All was good until I had to ride thru a head wind.  This is when I started to count down and stop every couple of miles to take a break.  I saw musk-ox, 2 wolves, 2 foxes – one with a squirrel in his mouth, arctic owls and lots of ground squirrels.    I was sitting on the side of the road next to an orange, men working sign (I was wearing an orange shirt) when I heard a clip, clop, clip, clop.   When I looked up, I saw a Caribou running down the road.  When it saw me, it ran the other way!  It was kinda funny!  Well, I’m actually a little ahead of schedule since I was supposed to arrive here on Tuesday.


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  1. 245 miles completed! Keep it up!

  2. Joy Bahniuk permalink

    I hope the worst is over!

  3. What an adventure, Doug. Enjoy it all!

  4. Joyce Shipp permalink

    Bless you Doug. Keep on, keeping on. J

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