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Most Challenging Ride Ever!

August 5, 2011

My journey has certainly been one of the most EXTREMELY CHALLENGING rides EVER! Two days ago I came to a halt in Healy, due to high winds up to 20-25 mph.  temperature is in the low 50’s.  I had planned on staying overnight in Healy before I ventured off again but I was determined to get back on the sattle and peddle my skinny ass another 47 miles. Which in fact I did it!

I stopped at a bar lounge after my 47 mile ride and met three men who saw me on their way to the same lounge I stopped at with a look of determination on my face.  When I was talking to the three men, they commented on how they passed me up on the road,  turning to each other and saying, “SUCKS TO BE HIM!”

I now have three  meals left.  I’m almost to the end of my journey and I do have to pat myself on the back for one hell of EXTREMELY CHALLENGING RIDE!


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Way to go Doug!! I hope you had a cold one at the Pub to celebrate.
    If only those 3 guys knew how much determination, bravery,tolerance and focus
    you had.
    See ya soon,

    Mark N>

  2. You need to sit down for a few good meals and put some meat back on ’em bones. Good luck, and look forward to seeing you soon!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    way to go Doug!!!!!!!!
    I hope you treated yourself to a cold 1 after your 47 mile trip.
    if those guys only knew how much determination you really had.

    see ya soon


  4. Peter Dunlap-Shohl permalink

    Hey Doug, give me a call as you get to town. We can meet and take you for Pizza!


  5. Anonymous permalink

    Way to go Doug. You’re approaching the finish line! We’re rooting for you!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Go Doug Go! And keep you skinny ass SAFE!

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