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Almost There

August 6, 2011

My friend Pete has so kindly been keeping track of my progress on this map of his over at The Alaska Parkinson’s Rag. His interpretation is spot on.

I have camped out since Healy. I have 52 miles to go until I reach Wasilla and then another 40 to Anchorage.

Thank you readers and commenters for the encouragement and donations to DPF.


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  1. Joy Bahniuk permalink


  2. Anonymous permalink


  3. Susan permalink

    Go Doug!

  4. Dick & Mary Bishop permalink

    Yeh Doug! We camped with you on your first night on the Dalton Hwy — 60 miles south of Prudhoe— and loaned you a pair of longjohns. It was a really nice morning the next day — then it turned to rain and we really had sympathy for you. We saw what a couple other bikers had to contend with – caked on mud! We met motorbikers that turned around because of the slippery, mucky mud…and we’ve read about a motor biker recently killed because of slipping on that mud, made especially slippery by the compound that they put on the road to keep the dust down.

    Sorry we missed you as you passed thru’ Fairbanks.

  5. Peter Dunlap-Shohl permalink

    Hey Dick! Great to run into you here! So you are the donor of the long johns Doug was sporting when he arrived in Anchorage?

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