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Haul Road

August 15, 2011

After camping on the Arctic Circle I had several "tough" hills to climb. "Beaver Slide" was only 3/4 mile long but took me 1 1/2 hours to walk up. It was so steep, the bike kept sliding down hill with the brakes locked. This is a view of "Roller Coaster", about the same as "Beaver Slide." The trucks are doing 85 mph at the bottom so they can make it up the other side.

Just after Coldfoot the nice pavement ended and the “chip seal” started again. The steep climbs started again too. If you look carefully, you can see that I had just crested a hill here. Again, I’ll just say it was tough.
Atigun Pass is a real… will, let’s just say it was tough. I had “hit the wall” two days earlier, and still not recovered. I only made it to the #303 avalanche warning sign, when I had to give up and walk to the top. This valley view is from the 303 warning sign.
My second night on the road was in this flower field near pump station number 3. While it looks pretty it was close to the road and passing trucks frequently woke me. And did I mention the mosquitos? Argh! Billions of the little suckers!
Sukakpak Mountain tops out at 4,459 feet. While this might seem high, it pales in comparison to the total vertical height I had to climb: over 30,000 feet.

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