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Prudhoe Bay

August 15, 2011

If you don't find this sign to be intimidating, you're probably not riding a bike! I mean, only 240 miles to the next "town"; what could possibly go wrong?!

With 50 pounds of food, water, and gear; 31 pounds of bike; I wasn’t really traveling light. Still, my load appeared to be the smallest of anyone I saw riding.
To demonstrate that these low-pressure tires would not harm the tundra, the salesman would lay down and let someone drive over him. That’s employee dedication!
The tour bus took us to this spit in Prudhoe Bay. Although we were told to not go into the water, the tour guide had towels in case we “accidentally” fell in.
I was the only one on our Prudhoe Bay tour willing to baptise themself in the Arctic Ocean. Here I am preparing for the plunge.
Prudhoe Bay impressed me with its clean environment and concern for wildlife. It teemed with animals: swans, ducks, and these caribou.
Plover: Because of their constant movement these small waterfowl reminded me of wind-up bath toys.

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  1. Just found your blog.. what an exciting cycle ride! I cycled across England last year in memory of my dad ( he had severe parkinson’s ) I managed to raise a lot of money for the Parkinson’s society here in the UK. I would love to do another big cycle ride as it was such a lot of fun… good luck!

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