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Meeting Mr. Wolf

August 16, 2011

So at this point I’ve received three warnings about Mr. Wolf.  Frankly, I was looking forward to meeting him.  The last sentry drove off and crested the hill.  I was moments, may be 1,000 feet,  behind her.  As I came over the hill-top, I saw him.  He came from some bushes on my right, stopping for a few seconds in the middle of the road.  I stopped too; not out of fear, but because I wanted to get my camera.  Dummy me!  Should have gotten it before!

Ms. Sentry obviously was watching in her rear-view mirror.  When the wolf came out, she started backing up.

The fool!  Reader: please interject some foul words here!

It was too much for Mr. Wolf.  He ran into bushes on my left, hiding.  I could just barely make him out, watching me.  He wasn’t a threat at all; at least I never felt threatened.  But he was gone.

As so often happens on almost any hilly road, there was another hill to climb right after I crested the first one.  I proceeded up.  At the top of that hill was a female construction worker.  She gave me a couple of water bottles.  In the background you could hear guys on their CB’s, talking about the wolf.

I coasted down the hill, coming to the only traffic light on the Dalton.  A bridge was out with only a single lane open.  The light controlled crossing traffic.  I crossed, and rode about 1/2 mile further.  I took another break.  The wind was strong and cold, blowing  perpendicular  from the West.  Had some more peanut M&M’s and  after 20 minutes or so was on my way.

But I was beat.  I made it another mile or so and found a pull-off.  I got off the bike, wondering what to do.  I was just so tired.  Finally, I took my sleeping matt off the bike, unrolled it, and laid down.

The mosquitos buzzed around, enjoying fresh meat.  I was too tired to care.


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