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Revolving Round the Rockies

May 30, 2012

Next week Alissa and I are going to ride the Rockies (RTR) on our bicycles.  RTR is 450 miles of tough riding:  Up five passes, climbing over 25,000 feet, and following one of the higher roads in the U.S.  We’ll stay at a hotel for two out of the six nights of the ride.  Alissa has never attempted a ride of such magnitude, and I have never ridden with 2,000 people before.

Oh, yes. I have Parkinson’s disease.  It’s going to be tough and RTR has become the focal point of our daily lives.

The plan is to fly to Denver on June 6th, rent a car, and drive to Steamboat. Steamboat has two attractions: Altitude and friends.  With an elevation of 7,000 feet we are hoping to become acclimated by the time the ride actually starts on June 10.  And our friends, Richard and Anita, have invited us to stay at their condo.

Everything is planned with regard to the RTR event.  Go out to dinner tonight?  Either do it early or do it late because we have to get ready (in other words workout) for the Rockies.  Go for a bike ride tonight?  Gotta do at least three major hills for the Rockies.  Mow the lawn?  No time, gotta get ready for the Rockies.  Do we have everything planned down most minute detail?  Tent?  Check.   Bring two spare tubes? But there’s going to be a sag wagon.  Food.  What should I carry and what should I buy along the way? Am I going to have to fight 2,000 other guys for that last hamburger?  And Alissa is a vegetarian and I worry about her diet.  Am I going to carry this or that, or am I going to put it on the truck following us?  Are all the various hotel reservations made?  Bikes packed and shipped?  So many details to consider. It was easier to plan my solo trips because I knew I could only count on myself. Having a sag wagon just complicates matters for me.

Thinking about our training rides I realize Alissa is probably physically stronger than I am, but I’m a tough old bird.  Or so I like to think.  I hope we are ready; we’ll find out in a little more than a week.


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  1. Joyce Shipp permalink

    There will be a prayer card for you and the other riders in our prayer chapel asking for the completion of the trip and your safety as well as a cure for Parkinsons. Someone is there praying 24/7. It’s been going for 22 years. I wish we were along the way to give you a night’s lodging. We’ll be with you in spirit. Blessing, smiles, love and prayers, Joyce and Alden, too 🙂

  2. Anonymous permalink

    U always ride solo , why sag wagon this year -sound not like Doug we know ! Good luck!

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