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It was just a little fall

August 28, 2013


The ambulance crew had some difficulties.  First of all they turned down the wrong road.  I could hear them getting closer, and then all of a sudden becoming further away.  The people attending to me started shouting and waving and the ambulance came back.

Now they had a little problem.  Separating them and me was a 20 foot canal felled with water.  They drove down to the nearest crossing, about 500 feet away, unloaded a stretcher and wheeled it up to me.  I told them what happened and they loaded me onto the stretcher, warning: “This is going to hurt!”  It did.  Once on the stretcher I made them promise to get help for Alissa and Iris.  They assured me they would.

They wheeled me down the tow-path to the crossing. a narrow aqueduct of some sort.  That was scary:  Being bound to the stretcher, I’d drown if they slipped and I fell into the canal.

But they didn’t drop me and loaded me into the ambulance.  The ride to Marymont hospital took about 20 minutes.  At the hospital they sent me to radiology for a CAT scan and standard X-rays.  The doctor came back to me.  “Good news!”   You only broke two ribs.”  I told him I didn’t believe him.  I’ve broken ribs before and this felt a lot worse than a couple of broken ribs.  “Nope, only two.”  And he wrote the discharge papers.

Just after he finished them and after the financial person took my $50.00, (No charge if you’re admitted.) he got paged.  It was radiology.  The CAT scan revealed I’d broken ribs 5 through 11 on my left side.   That’s seven ribs (You have 12 on each side.) and I would have to be admitted.

The doc apologized and said that the injury was serious enough that I had to be transferred to a bigger hospital.  I would need to be carefully monitored.   Another ambulance ride; this time to Hillcrest. 

When it comes to pain, I’m not a wimp.  At the dentist I don’t take Novocaine.  When I had a colonoscopy I didn’t have “happy juice” because I wanted to get back to work.

But this hurt.  Sometimes my body would go into spasms.  The third night there was particularly bad.  The morphine they were giving me didn’t seem to do anything for me and I screamed with pain.   I even cried.  The nurse simply sat next to me,holding my hand.

That simple gesture helped.  A lot.

Next: “He’s back!”



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  1. T D Culver permalink


    the hospitals are always bragging about how well they are doing at pain control! I guess that is just PR. Heal up, buddy!


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