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Barbaric torture or Miracle continued

October 15, 2013

John replied:  “I’m sorry Doug, but that’s the way they have to be.  In fact, they need to be tighter.  Do you need a break?”

“Yes, give me a few moments here.”  John stopped.   I took some deep breaths.   “Ok,  now just screw them home.”  I could hear crunching noises coming from my skull.  If you look at the photo you can see the blood weeping from under the bolts.

My friend through-out this ordeal was Darlene.  She chatted with me during the fitting, trying to keep my mind off of what was happening.  I knew what she was doing and was perfectly fine with it. 

After the “halo” was on my wife took the photo you see, laughing that it would the only time I would be an angel.  Then it was time for another CAT scan, and down to the OR.  In the operating room my head was immobilized by a mechanical device of some sort. The anesthesiologist introduced herself and placed an oxygen cannulae under my nose.   The doctor asked me which side I wanted done first: right or left.  It was a question I’d never thought about.   I said left, because that was the side that the Parkinsons first affected.  The doctor asked me if I was right-handed, and maybe I wanted that side done first?

I admit that made me feel stupid.  Doing the right side first was the obvious choice.   I felt as if I had flunked an exam.

“Ok.  We will do the left side of the brain first.”   (The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body.)

Then In the next moment I was out cold.

I have no idea how long I was out.  I could hear some one calling to me to wake up and did I feel some thing on my right side?  “What am I supposed to be feeling ?” I asked. 

“Douglas, do you feel a shock, a tingling?”


“Ok, we can go deeper: 14, 15.  Douglas, do you feel that?”  I could  feel a little something.  Then I felt it:  A BIG honking shock.  My eyes rolled backwards in my head.  I groaned.

One doctor shouts something like “He’s going ocular!”


Someone else says “Good!  Very good!”


I’m flopping around like a fish and this guy says “Good.”   Whata wack job.




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One Comment
  1. joyce shipp permalink

    Doug, you are amazing….certainly hope the procedure is too. Blessings and smiles, Joyce

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