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Barbaric Torture or Miracle, quatro

October 16, 2013

After the head doc was satisfied with the electrode placement he turned to me and said: “Douglas I have a very important question for you.”

Sometimes, things flash through your brain.  When he said this, I thought he was going to make a joke.  This thought was not quite as ludicrous  as it sounds.  The head doc did have a great sense of humor.  At one point during the operation we were talking  and I (admittedly with some braggadocio) said I had ridden my bicycle across the United States.

The head doc replied: “Douglas, I have done a similar thing. ”

I excitedly replied “Yes!  You have?”

“Yes he said.  I have ridden in an airplane across the United States!”  The whole OR, including me, burst out laughing.

So the thought of him making a joke was not without merit.  But he was serious.

He addressed me.  “Douglas, you have been here about three hours.  If we do the right side of your brain you will be here another three hours.  Do you want us to do the other side of your brain?”

I can not say I said it without hesitation, because that damn cannulae was really burning in my nose, and my right eye had a lot of mucus or junk in it  (one of the reasons I could not see Darlene’s monitor) but I said “Yes.  Do the other half.”

“Douglas, are you sure?   There will be more shocks, Dr. Weightlifter will manipulate your body again  and we have to drill another hole in your head.”

I thought about my “halo” and how much it hurt.  I just wanted to get this over with; I never wanted to go through it again.  If I declined, i’d be right back here in a few months.

“Yes!!  Do it!”

“Ok Douglas, we will do it.”

And I lost consciousness again.


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