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Post Recovery Results

October 18, 2013

It appears that everything went just swimmingly.  Head doc came up and said the electrodes are exactly where they thought they should be for maximum benefit.  Now I have to get the pacemaker implanted and the wires run down to it.  Right now the wires are in a little pile similar to a coiled snake or garden hose under my scalp.

Head doc told me that if you have just one side of the brain done, they keep you for just one day after surgery.  But because I had both sides done, he wanted to keep me two days.  He got no argument from me!  I was asleep almost the whole day Wednesday.

However, I was awake in the morning and also late afternoon.  In the morning I sent Darlene a flower basket.  I thought it would be a nice surprise for her.    Soon after I sent them, a (female) nurse’s aid came into my room and said she was there to remove my catheter.

In another life I had been an orderly at Wood County Hospital and so I was familiar with the process.  I was curious about how much it was going to hurt.  The first step is to Release the fluid holding it inside your bladder.  I can’t over emphasis the importance of this!  You might think it would be impossible to pull it out otherwise, but you would be wrong.  Trust me, I know this.

Anyway, she deflated the balloon  and told me to take a deep breath.  I did, and she pulled.

Guys, it ain’t (sic) that bad.  A friend once said: “Wait until they shove a camera up there to take pictures of your bladder. Then you’ll know what hurts!”  Note to my friend:  Been there, done that.  Got a Tee shirt.

So it was a little anticlimactic.

Soon after that a delivery guy showed up from the same place I ordered Darlene’s flowers.  I excitedly exclaimed: “Wait!, wait!  Those aren’t for me!  Those are supposed to go to someone else!”

The guy looked at the address and said “You are Mr. Bahniuk, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but who would send me flowers?”

“I don’t know sir.  Here’s the card.”

It said: “Congratulations on becoming a Cyborg!”  Love Brigette.

It was the second time in two days that my kids made me cry.


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  1. joyce shipp permalink

    Your stories have made me cry and so thankful that
    God gave allot of someones the ability to determine what needed to be done and how to do it and they they did it on YOU……So wonderful to get to know Iris thru the pictures…..what special expressions grace that beautiful little child’s face…..Also nice to see a good looking tall young man that I think is Jim……It’s been a few years since you were here before he was born. 🙂
    continue to heal and feel your blessings….Love and prayers, Joyce and Alden

    • That’s Jimmy all right! Straight A’s, karate black belt, plays violin and guitar and a boy scout.

      What a great kid!!

  2. T D Culver permalink

    Nicely done, Douglas! Better go with the regular pacemaker for now, not the Mazeratti racing model! Slow and steady wins the race!!


  3. Anonymous permalink

    Doug ! How are you? I see you had quite the surgery, I hope you are fully recovered. Mike, Blue and I say hello. Keep in touch. I think you may of inspired Peter check out his blog and pie chart on Parkinson’s and winter biking – keep trucking Doug : ) Mary Beth

    • joyce shipp permalink

      Glad for the update and that things are going well. May you continue to improve. Blessings and smiles, Joyce

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