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Scene 2, Act 2: Boom! Down he goes!

April 11, 2017

Ok, I fell again.  But this time it had nothing to do with PD.

Last night Alissa and I went out for a training ride, about a ten-mile round trip.  As we rode from the driveway to the road, I felt the bike shimmy.  It didn’t happen again, so I thought it was my imagination or something.

Big Mistake!

I’ve always thought that sometimes people are warned about things.  For example, I once saw some kids playing on a large inflatable swimming pool,  The pool looked like a giant donut, and was located on a concrete pad.  Kids were playing on the top of the donut, and in my mind’s eye, I could see them slipping and falling on the concrete.  Eventually, that is exactly what happened and a kid knocked a tooth out.

So we start the ride, the end of which is down a steep hill.  Alissa waits for me at the bottom; I get a drink of water and we start uphill.  I push down on the pedal and it won’t move.  I haven’t locked my foot in the toe clips, so I hop off the bike.   I look at the wheel and don’t see anything  wrong with it.  So I hop on again.  This time I get both feet locked into the clips.

And I can’t crank the pedals, as hard as I try.  They don’t budge.  I start falling to my left.

Now my left arm is the one with the artificial joint, and I am deathly afraid of breaking it. But I’m falling and there is nothing to do, except stick my arm out and hit the ground.  Which is exactly what I do.  I hit hard, scratching up my knee and just laying there in shock, hoping a car doesn’t run me over.  Thankfully, my left arm does not shatter.  Alissa, always the fast rider, doesn’t see any of this.

Alissa finally looks for me, and turns around.  I see a truck coming down the road.  It stops.  Emily is driving it.

Alissa is there now. Emily offers a ride to the top, Alissa rides her bike to the top.  At the top, I look at my bike and see the problem: The skewer that holds the wheel to the frame is loose.

The chain is on the right side of the wheel, and the wheel is bound against the left tube stay.  The harder you push the pedal, the harder it locks.

I reset the wheel, lock the skewer nice and tight.  Soon I see Alissa, charging up the hill.

We ride home without further incident, Alissa following me.


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