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BOOM! Down he goes again!

May 16, 2017

If you read this blog, you know how I  feel about cars and their drivers.

My main complaint is drivers don’t realize how easy it  is for a cyclist to fall.  Yesterday was a case in point.  Alissa and I were riding down the towpath.  We had gone about two miles and came upon a sign that said the path was closed.  Workers were grinding stumps and moving dirt with bulldozers

The stump grinders were especially scary. They consist of a whirling dervish type of thing mounted on an arm that made the stumps  disappear in seconds.   Ahead we could see more workers operating heavy equipment such as  bulldozers and stump grinders.  The workers motioned for us to turn around.  It seemed like a prudent idea so we did.

We knew there was a bridge  about a mile back which would put us on a road that ran parallel to the towpath.  We road back to the bridge.  Spanning the bridge length was a heavy cable. put there to prevent traffic.  The cable had fallen years ago, and now consisted of right and left halves separated by a piece of concrete. Alissa made the 90º turn and went across the cable without  problem.  I set up for the turn a little later than she did  and the piece of cable I tried to cross  had a large piece of rubber hose on it to make it more visible.  Of course now that it lay on the ground, t served no real purpose. When I crossed it slipped to the outside, and BAAM! Down I went.  I scrapped up my elbow, knee, and hurt my right shoulder.

Alissa heard me hit the ground and ran up to me asking if I was OK.   I told  her I was and we continued the ride. I felt quite lucky because if that cable and hose had been on the road, It could have meant the end to these wonderful posts.


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