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Alaska Ride Part II 2011

He tackled the Alaskan terrain on July 21

If cycling from Anchorage to Fairbanks, Alaska wasn’t challenging enough, Doug faced the biggest ride of his life. On July 21, he biked over 900 miles from Deadhorse to Anchorage, AK. He covered some of the roughest and most isolated roads in the United States, not to mention carried enough food and water to last five days.

Doug prepared for this ride early on. In the winter, he attended weekly spinning classes held at Case Western Reserve’s 121 Fitness Center. When the weather turned nice, he was back on the Cleveland roads. Doug also experimented with how long his medications can last, as it was vitally important to know when the medicines tend to wear off.

One Comment
  1. Anonymous permalink

    I am following you on your BLOG
    Keep up your FANTASTIC effort!
    What a brave and courageous man.
    Sound like nothing will stop you from acheiving your goal , just grueling obstacles
    that are slowing you down.
    See ya in Ohio


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